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Quality construction. Honest service. Great value.

Suburb Estates provide a wide range of services almost covers all fields of general contracting and we excel in engineering works for various types of construction projects and fabrication along with the design, building and erection of steel structures for both commercial and industrial projects.

We follow the international norms standard to offer best quality of services at the most reasonable price.

We are proud to mention that we have managed to complete all our projects on or before the assigned deadline of handing them over, due to our planning guide line not to commit with works that are over company’s potential capacity.

Suburb Infra fully understand their responsibilities for Environmental Pollution Prevention and will undertake, in accordance with legal requirements, to decrease level of pollution arising from the Company’s operations and products to achieve continuous reduction in the impact on the environment.

When you choose Suburb Estates as your full-service design-build partner, you may choose an integrated solution with one source of accountability from pre-construction, including the design phase, to post construction, through the establishment of a preventive maintenance program.
Suburb Estates is one of the well know organization who has succeeded in implementing and complying all the norms of Green Building requirements for several projects in the Bangalore.
Suburb Estates offers a full range of steel structure Works, our Engineering and technical expertiSuburb Estates enable us to superviSuburb Estates and providing all types of steel structure works including Design, erection, and fabrication for all industrial and residential application.
We offer a full range of physical (durability, strength, weatherability, load, slip resistance) and chemical (composition, microstructural) tests. The quality and consistency of the raw materials ultimately affect the finished product and, as such, great care should be given to the assessment of raw materials.