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Suburb are highly established and well-known company providing complete Electric Repair & Maintenance of long-lasting and multipurpose Panel Boards, Industrial Panel Boards and Control Panel Boards. Suburb Estates offer a wide range of AMF Control Panels to cater the specific needs and requirements of clients.

When it comes to your businesses need for electrical solutions, we have you covered . Our interior and exterior services include all the bases in electrical solutions.

Professional Electrician services are our forte. Troubleshooting wires, hanging chandeliers, lighting connections, socket issues & more. No job is too big or small for us. We equally enjoy small jobs as we do with large jobs.Just call us or write to us & we will get back to you as soon as we can.

- Troubleshooting and Repair
- Light installation and replacement
- Socket installation
- Wiring and Cabling
- Parking Lot & Site Lighting Installations & Repair
- New Lighting Installations-Retrofit & Upgrades
The electrical system consists of the line from the pole, a meter where electrical usage is tallied, a main circuit breaker panel (sometimes called “load centers” and, in older homes, fuse panels), separate wiring circuits to all the rooms in the home, outlets, light fixture boxes, and various hard-wired appliances.
Earthing is essential and mandatory. It's an electrical connection between the exposed metallic parts of an electrical appliance or installation and the earth, regarded to have zero potential. Proper earthing provides an alternative and easy path for leakage or faulty current to flow. It ensures that any exposed conductive part of the appliance does not reach a dangerous level of potential or voltage that endangers the user's life.
In the event of an electrical fault which brings dangerous high voltage to the case of an appliance, you want the circuit breaker to trip immediately to remove the hazard. If the case is grounded, a high current should flow in the appliance ground wire and trip the breaker.